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So the adventure begins…..

Finally! A blog that won’t send out updates to everyone I know whenever I hit publish. I’m hoping to use this blog to help motivate me to lose weight and regain the healthy lifestyle I once had, without dramatically announcing each post to anyone I’ve ever known.

After making it to 155 before my 21st birthday I never thought I’d end up back here. Two surgeries, one bachelors degree, a husband, and two years later here I am. Topping the scale right where I was when I first started my journey, 190 pounds. My desire to exercise greatly diminished from my new habit of being extremely lazy in addition to my knee problems and great love for anything chocolate or carb related has set me back greatly. Now is not the time to let it get any worse. In transition between jobs it is the perfect time to lose some weight and regain my super powers once again. 

The question is how. How to do this with my inability to run footloose and fancy free? With a tight budget that cannot afford a gym membership? How do I put these into effect with a husband who does not like anything related to eating healthy or exercise?


I guess that’s what this is all about…..


Until next time! Stay tuned for more adventures of Helium Girl! dun dun dun daaaa