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Happenings of Lately

Hey there!

It’s been a long time since I posted last; things have been all crazy for a while my way. I’m still desperately searching for a job (and having no luck what-so-ever) but I trust that God will provide one in His perfect time. It is hard, and I often stumble in trusting in Him with this difficult time of my life. I keep thinking that the longer I am without a job, the longer I have to wait to have kids. And let me tell you: between the in-laws not so subtle hints and all of our friends having babies, it is soooo hard to accept that we are at a different stage of life right now and just aren’t ready to try to start a family. I hate that darn internal clock telling me I need to have babies now! lol

The major thing that has kept me away from posting is my lack of exercise. I finally went and had my screws taken out! I went to the doctor last week and he saw on the x-ray that one was backing out so I had the surgery this past Wednesday. I cannot wait to get back to walking and running and biking! Ahhhh 😀 I do have to be careful though, and let it heal up properly or I could stand a chance to fracture my tibial tubercle. Boo. But anyway, once this is good and properly fixed I will be super happy! 


So for now, I’d love to hear how you guys have been! Also, what do you think about the difficulty in finding a job in a state capitol? I’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions!