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First Weigh-In and the difficulties of life

Hey all!

When I try to eat better and be more mindful of how I’m feeling, I usually do really well…..until it’s dinner time. I’ve always struggled with late night snacking and eating way too much when I’m watching something. I really concentrated on eating when I was only hungry last night…. and the scale showed a 2 pound loss! I am very happy to see that, and I believe it gives me enough motivation to make it through today. 

Yesterday I went out and bought a notebook to keep track of my calorie intake. I used a notebook the last time and it was very good to see everything in a simple math form. I guess that’s just the engineer in me lol.


Speaking of engineer: I am a Biomedical Engineer and I’m living in the state capital of Indiana and I still can’t find a job! I am so frustrated to have spent years going to school and spending thousands of dollars just to not get a job! I feel like such a failure, applying for all these jobs with all of the prospects falling through. It just breaks my heart. 


😦 Boo