The Great White Tundra (of Indianapolis)

Sooo….yeah…. we’ve had an interesting last couple of days. We started with a snow storm on Monday, and have hard ridiculously cold temperatures the last two days. Oh, and I’m supposed to start my new job tomorrow….that’s 75 minutes away! The roads are just as bad as yesterday, however people are expected to go to work or they will lose their job. This crap is ridiculous! I talked to my contractor about starting on Thursday or Monday because my car is still snowed in and all I have here is a little windshield scraper. I’ve shoveled myself out with it before, but that was only with 6″ of snow and the temperatures weren’t in the negative digits. Needless to say I am hoping that my boss calls back with good news. If not I will have to leave today and drive there because there is no possible way I can leave in morning rush hour with this crap on the roads.My little Focus just can’t handle this. 


So with the snow and ice and crazy cold wind I have been holed up here with the husband and have NOT been working out. I have to be honest, I’m not upset with myself. We live in a small little apartment and I find it more important to stay inside and safe than try to walk to our apartment gym on the other side of the complex.


I will be posting more and show you all that I plan to do with my healthy eating habits…once I can get to the grocery store and buy food lol. I will try to keep you up-to-date when we de-thaw here in Indy.


Best of luck everyone! Stay safe and warm!!!


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