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The Great White Tundra (of Indianapolis)

Sooo….yeah…. we’ve had an interesting last couple of days. We started with a snow storm on Monday, and have hard ridiculously cold temperatures the last two days. Oh, and I’m supposed to start my new job tomorrow….that’s 75 minutes away! The roads are just as bad as yesterday, however people are expected to go to work or they will lose their job. This crap is ridiculous! I talked to my contractor about starting on Thursday or Monday because my car is still snowed in and all I have here is a little windshield scraper. I’ve shoveled myself out with it before, but that was only with 6″ of snow and the temperatures weren’t in the negative digits. Needless to say I am hoping that my boss calls back with good news. If not I will have to leave today and drive there because there is no possible way I can leave in morning rush hour with this crap on the roads.My little Focus just can’t handle this. 


So with the snow and ice and crazy cold wind I have been holed up here with the husband and have NOT been working out. I have to be honest, I’m not upset with myself. We live in a small little apartment and I find it more important to stay inside and safe than try to walk to our apartment gym on the other side of the complex.


I will be posting more and show you all that I plan to do with my healthy eating habits…once I can get to the grocery store and buy food lol. I will try to keep you up-to-date when we de-thaw here in Indy.


Best of luck everyone! Stay safe and warm!!!


**Insert spiffy New Year title here**

Holy moly! It’s been a long time since I’ve posted. I admit a lot of that was from lack of motivation and willingness to be healthy over the holidays. I have to say that I don’t regret it too much though; I got to thoroughly enjoy my first Christmas as a married woman with my husband and all of my new family. It is crazy to think at this time last year I was working in a job that I hated, waiting to marry my fiance, and having no clue of where we would end up being. I never once thought our home would Indianapolis, or that I would go entire months without having a job. I never dreamed of this life, but God knew that this would be best for me and so far I haven’t been disappointed. Starting next Wednesday (Jan. 8th) I will be employed at a Mechanical Engineer on contract to Hill-Rom, which is a journey of 1 hr 15 mins EACH WAY from our little apartment. Given this is the middle of winter I am not thrilled about the travel, but after a week or two of paychecks I will be getting a new and dependable (and winter friendly!) vehicle. After waiting for years, I will finally have something that won’t break down all the time!!! In addition, my husband and I are looking into buying our first home!! We found a city that would only be roughly half an hour for each of our commutes, and the cost of living in that city is much cheaper than where we live. Unfortunately, it looks like we will be waiting until our lease is up in July 😦 Bahhh. Still though, a home, a job, a car….some of the big things I’ve been looking forward to now for some time. The baby fever has been very strong as a lot of people I went to High School with (and also one of my cousins) are all pregnant! I don’t really want kids right now; we are far too unprepared and not even remotely financially stable enough to have kids, but it is hard to ignore my internal clock. That being said, I’ve been thinking a lot. When we do decided to start a family, I don’t want to be super overweight and unhealthy. I want to be a good example for our children. I make no excuses that this holiday season was rough (we recieved a LOT of candy) and I have not exercised basically at all over the last month. A lot of people make new years resolutions only to stop following them shortly after the year has begun. I don’t want a resolution. I want a change. I want to be healthy, and active, and not weak-minded when it comes to food. I want to properly fuel my body, while still being able to have some treats from time to time. I want to be healthy before we have kids. So my goals aren’t just for the year of 2014, but 2015 and 2016 and many more years after that. So I have written a couple of goals that I see as totally feasible:

  • Get a dependable winter car
  • Pay off hubby’s car loan
  • Buy a house
  • Become healthier
  •                   Lose Weight
  •                   Eat Healthier
  •                              Only out to eat 1xmonth
  •                              No fast food
  •                              Count calories 6 days/wk
  •                              Less pop (a treat vs daily occurrence)
  •                              Way more veggies (we will make them the main part of dinner instead                                        of on the side
  •                   Run 3 5k’s this year
    ^ 1 will be the Cereal City 5K!!
  •                   Run 1 half marathon
    ^ Fort 4 Fitness (if uninjured during the year)
  • Spend more time in the Bible

Now these goals may seem lofty to some, but I feel all will be super easy to manage, especially when I become busy with my new job. I’ve always done well under pressure.

As for this blog, I’m not trying to make a name for myself or get a followers. This is my accountability. This is where I can go to talk about my weight loss and this battle. I hope I can find others and connect when it comes to my journey, but if not, at least I have something in writing, something I can always look to to remember my promise to myself. Madison Wedding 181_01 copy

This is me. This is my story.